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Hjælp til at rette engelsk analyse og fortolkning af "Troll Bridge"

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Troll Bridge

In this essay I will try to analyze and interpret the short story “Troll Bridge”. In my analysis I will focus on the elements: a characterization of the main character and his development, the troll, an interpretation of the ending of the story and the message of the story.


The fairy tale “Troll Bridge” by Neil Gaiman is about Jack who gets lost in a forest near his home. In the forest he sees a big bridge, and under the bridge he sees a huge and almost translucent troll[1]. The troll wants to eat the life out of Jack, but Jack tries to convince the huge troll not to eat him now because he doesn’t have so much to offer, but he promises the troll that he will come back when he has more to offer and is grown.

When Jack becomes 15 years old, he meets the troll again, but this time he is with a girl whom he thinks he like. But when the troll says that he wants to eat the life out of Jack now, because he came back to him as he promised. Jack sacrifices the girl he thinks he love, but the troll don’t want her because she is innocent and he is not. But again Jack promise the troll that he will come back with even more to offer, so the troll let him go again. After some years Jack gets married and also gets a child. But because of his bad personality his wife decides to leave him. But before she leaves him, she left a letter where she among other things says, “PS you really don’t love me. And you never did.”[2] After that he felt bad and decides to go. He goes for several hours until he reaches the troll, and the troll eats him.



Jack is the fairy tales narrator and main character. He develops physically through the short story, from a little boy to an adult, but his character doesn’t really change through the story. Jack is not a nice and friendly person, he acts very selfish and doesn’t think about other people. He acts really selfish, when he for example meets the troll the second time with the girl he thinks he likes. When the troll told him that he would eat the life out of him he decides to sacrifices her instead[3]


The troll:

The troll is a fantastic character and can be interpreted symbolically as Jacks ego. The troll looks terrifying on the outside just like Jack on the inside. His outer is described as really scary and more or less translucent. [4]


“Troll Bridge” belongs to magical realism, because the story is realistic, the author has just added the troll, as a fantastical element. Despite the troll (the magical element), deals the story with some important themes we all can relate to, like loneliness and selfishness. Felling lonely and being selfish are things we see all the time, but in the story the troll symbolizes it.


The main themes in this fairy tale are loneliness and selfishness. In the beginning Jack lies and says that he has an older sister the troll can eat and second time he meet the troll he scarifies Louise, his first lover. And at the end of the story his wife leaves him too because of his selfishness and he ends up being all alone.


The story is really interesting and very symbolic. I think the troll really give the story a twist, especially at the end when Jack decides to go back to the troll and the troll says, “I didn’t think you would come back”.[5] The troll, why symbolize Jacks ego, is surprised that he came back, and realized that he had been a bad and selfish person, and that’s the reason why all the people he thought he loved left him all alone.


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[3] I grabbed Louise, a taut zombie, and pushed her forward. “Don’t take me. I don’t want to die. Take her. I bet she’s much tastier than me. “ Page 65 at the bottom

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